Kokopelli was a prehistoric Anasazi Fertility Deity,
know as the Trickster-God.  He was usually and
antenna-like protrusions (dreadlocks) on his head.  
He was worshipped by many Native American tribes
in the Southwestern United States.  He shows up
on ancient rock-art, cave drawings and pottery and
is known as the Mischief Maker.
What does Kokopelli have to do with GRB Guitars?
What better symbol for a retro-guitar like the
Kokocaster than an ancient Trickster
Mischief-Making Musician Fertility God?
Kokopelli the Mischief Maker
GRB Guitars
Home of the KokoCaster
The Connection?
Other Kokopelli Facts
Depictions of Kokopelli suggest he is at various times a fertility
symbol, roving minstrel, trader, rain priest, hunting magician,
trickster, musician and seducer of maidens.  Among the
Ho-Chunk, his penis is detachable, and he sometimes leaves it
in rivers where women bathe.  Among the Hopi, Kokopelli
carries unborn children on his back and distributes them to
What are we saying?
Is GRB Guitars suggesting that if you purchase the Kokocaster
and wear it and play it you could develop Kokopelli-like
powers?  We're not making any promises.  Some of you may be
beyond help.  But we think your guitar playing and enjoyment
will improve if you're playing an exceptionally  well-made
professional instrument drenched in vibe.