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My Kokocaster is awesome,      
and I can get an amazing          
number of sounds with the        
various pickup combinations     
and the push/pull knob.  The    
neck is so smooth and              
playable, the fit and finish just   
right.  Thanks for making          
such a cool guitar.  Zack,          
Just writing to let you know how
pleased I am to be the proud
owner of Kokocaster Quilted
Tangerine number 47. This
guitar is amazing. Everyone
who sees or plays it is wowed
by its sheer brilliance! The
neck is so fast, and the sound
from that lipstick is just pure
cool. Thankyou so much for
this beautiful guitar. I am going
to keep it as long as I live! Best
wishes, Oli
Hello : I just bought one of your
greenburst tremolo koko
guitars. Let me begin by telling
you this thing is incredible. I
have owned Rics and USA
Reverends and presently have
USA Fenders Gibson etc. This
guitar is just as good or better
than all of them in both sound
and build quality, and in the
looks department there is just
no comparison, the koko blows
away all of them.

Needless to say I love this
guitar. I was hesitant at first
before I made my purchase
because there is so little info
on these kokos. I took my
chances and it paid off big
time.Thank you very much.  Bill
Web guitar lesson
extraordinaire Justin             
Sandercoe's Review of         
the Kokocaster on
Also, for the best guitar        
lessons on the web, go to
Justin's Website.
Don't miss the Wipeout
by Justin               
performed with his Koko

"Amazing service, amazing
guitar, Thanks!"  Dave, NY.

"Love the guitar, great
investment, I'm buying a
greenburst next"  Lars, Sweden

"Kokocaster is gorgeous,
Thanks again for shipping to
France"  Rene, Paris

"Most wonderful guitar I've ever
played.  Shipping and service
were great.  I'm impressed.  
Thank you very much"  Gary,
Los Angeles

"WOW!  This is a smoking
guitar.  Dead-on Surfcaster."
Brett, Columbus, OH

"Best playing guitar ever.  
Thanks."  Todd, Minneapolis

"Stunning, beautiful finish.  I
love it"  Maria, North Caolina

"Just to let you know i received
the guitar today, and, wow I'm
impressed. a very well made
and perfect playing guitar!! i
think my friend is going to order
one now."  Darren, London